Artificial grass saves precious time, environmental resources and money in the long run. Though it is synthetic in nature, it looks and feels just like a natural lawn, minus allergens, pollen and mud. It is also pet friendly and safe for households with small children.
Artificial turf drains quicker and more effectively than that of natural or real grass. Artificial turf is designed with a highly perforated and permeable backing that allows water and liquid to drain at 28 inches per hour, per square yard.
When considering the costs of maintenance for a natural lawn, an artificial grass lawn actually saves much more money and is less costly than many people think. Aside from being as asset that raises value to your property, artificial grass lasts for several years and thus saves money on monthly bills that add up, including water and gas. There are a lot of variables when it comes to the cost, depending on tear out, access, etc. But prices can range anywhere from $8psf - $15psf depending on size and variables.
A breakthrough feature of synthetic grass is the face that it is designed to be pet friendly in every respect. Approximately 65% of all households with artificial grass are dog owners. Artificial grass has been used in humane societies, veterinary clinics, pet hospitals, dog shows and more. This is because of it’s state of the art design that is safe for dogs. The biggest benefit is no more replacing sod, dirt, mud, etc.
Children love artificial grass because it looks and feels just like real grass, minus the dirt, grim and mud. It is great for playgrounds and parts and can be used for many different types of playing surfaces.
Artificial grass is manufactured with very high grade UV inhibitors and color stabilizers in the master batch. There are no surface coatings. Color and all anti-fade components are all the way through each fiber.
Maintenance is minimal for artificial grass. Picking up loose objects and materials regularly helps artificial grass to keep its manicured aesthetic. Rinse periodically and treat it as you would grass…you can rake it or use a leaf blower. A stiff hard bristled brush can be used regularly to brush the blades of the turf, keeping it upright.
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